Frequently Asked Questions

The information that you provide at the start of app is used by our algorithm to devise a personalised physical activity programme that should be set at the right level (intensity) for you. The plan is graduated for the first 12 weeks, that means the exercise time and intensity will gradually increase until you are meeting the recommended level of physical activity. After week 12, you will be able to maintain this level of exercise.

Your weekly exercise prescription is available at the top of the screen on the 'Plan' tab, this is what you need to try and achieve on a weekly basis. If you scroll through this, you will see your prescription for total exercise minutes required at each intensity and also the total number of steps required. You will just have to achieve ONE of these to meet your daily goal.

The app will also set personalised health metrics for you to track on a weekly basis. This will provide good information about the effect that exercise is having on your health.

If you have any long-term conditions, you will be able to specifically target these – the app will provide condition specific advice and will let you know about the specific symptoms or precaution you must watch out for when exercising.

You will be able to decide what exercise you would like to do: You can exercise in real-time with the mobile app or Apple Watch App (we have GPS walking, cycling, running programme, gym based exercise, home aerobics videos), you can use the Workout function on your Apple Watch, or you can choose any type of exercise you wish.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use the bespoke EXi Apple Watch app (which should download automatically) to collect your activity data (see question below). If you do not have an Apple Watch, you can use your mobile phone only (and use the phone camera flash to check your heart rate when prompted).

No, you don't need an Apple Watch to use the EXi programme, however an Apple Watch will enhance the experience by providing a more accurate estimate of the intensity of exercise (measured via continuous heart rate monitoring during your activity) and more seamless data capture. To use an Apple Watch, you will require an iPhone 6s or later (with iOS 13 or later).

The programme will measure your heart rate (either via a connected Apple Watch during your workout or with your phone's camera flash immediately after exercise) and will convert that to an exercise intensity training zone – low, moderate or high. If your heart rate reading is below the minimum requirement for low intensity (47% of your maximum heart rate or below), then this is too low and will not be recorded. If you are using an Apple Watch, our EXi Apple Watch app will tell you what intensity level you are working at throughout your exercise session and guide you as to how hard you should be working. If you are using a mobile only programme, your heart rate that is measured after your exercise will tell you if you have been working in the correct intensity training zone.

The programme will also ask you to record your RPE, which is your rating of perceived exertion. This is a validated measure and is another way to assess exercise intensity. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 immediately after exercise. The app will tell you if your RPE is in the correct training zone for your prescribed exercise.

At the start of the programme, we asked you for permission to access HealthKit and this is how EXi accesses your step count. Your phone tracks your step count in the background every day and stores the information in HealthKit, so it is worth keeping your phone in your pocket to ensure this data is as accurate as possible. If you have an Apple Watch, this will provide a very accurate daily step count to HealthKit which will be used by EXi.

This is fully set out in our Privacy Policy, however, here is a brief run-down. At EXi, we are only interested in getting our users more active to improve their health and we will only use your data to help this goal. We realise that we hold personal exercise and health data and we are serious in treating this with the utmost sensitivity. What does this mean?

  • We will only share your personal exercise and health data with the health or fitness professional (eg doctor) that refers you on to the programme and then only with your express permission which you can withdraw at any point. This will allow them to monitor your progress and support you and will be treated by them like any other confidential medical records they hold on you.

  • We do not pass on any identifying information or health and exercise information to either Digital Health Partners (the online store) or Etica (the credit company).

  • We will not pass personalised, identifying data on to any other third party (unless required by law) and we won't use it to target you with advertising.

  • We and selected partners may use fully anonymised and aggregated data to show the benefits of exercise and to refine the EXi programme. No personal or identifying information will be shared.

  • For more information see our Privacy Policy

Once you open your Apple Watch, follow the instructions to pair with your mobile phone. The EXi Apple Watch app should be available on your watch automatically. If it does not, you will need to open the Apple Watch app on your phone, scroll down to apps available, then select EXi.

In order to capture the most accurate heart rate data, you should be using the EXi watch app to record your activity. If the EXi Apple Watch app is not open, your Watch will still provide your exercise heart rate, however it does will not check heart rate as often.

You can restart your exercise programme by clicking on the 'More' tab, and then selecting 'Restart Plan'.

Don't worry if you have stopped exercising, you can start again at any time – we would recommend that you begin whenever you feel able to. If you are finding things quite hard and would like to start again, please restart your programme as described above.

If you are using your mobile phone, please select 'Record Activity' on the 'Plan' tab. You can either exercise in real time (select 'Live Track Activity'), or you can select 'Log Previous Activity' straight after the activity has finished – this will allow you to capture your post exercise heart rate and also record your RPE. If you are using an Apple Watch, you can select from the list of activities after you press the 'Record Activity' button.