Developed by physiotherapists, EXi (previously called iPrescribe Exercise) analyses the user’s health/current fitness level and prescribes a personalised and graduated physical activity programme to safely help even the most sedentary get active. It can also help to prevent or manage chronic disease. Activity points are awarded for meeting prescribed exercise targets, and can be put towards the payment of an Apple Watch which will be subsidised by the organisation that has selected you to take part. This will be based on 3 targets: Meeting 60%, 80% and 100% of weekly physical activity goals.

Once you receive your Apple Watch, you will need to connect to your iPhone. The EXi Apple Watch App should automatically download onto your Watch. If it does not, please open the Apple Watch app on your phone, scroll down to find available apps and click on iPrescribe Exercise.

The primary focus for achieving your activity points is working for the correct length of time at the right exercise intensity (low, moderate and high), measured via the Apple Watch heart rate monitor, which follows the current guidelines for physical activity prescription. Your EXi Apple Watch app will tell you if your exercise intensity is at the correct level for your prescribed plan. The programme will also be tracking your daily step count to provide another objective measure for target points, measured via your Apple Watch or your iPhone.

The initial 12-week programme is graduated in both exercise time and intensity, it will show you how to safely start exercising at a level that is right for your health and current fitness. By week 12 you should be meeting the current national guidelines for weekly physical activity, and we will keep you at that level for the remainder of the 2-year programme. Special considerations will be built-in for specific groups depending on your health.

Everyone will be asked to track their health stats on a weekly basis so that you will be able to see the effect that exercise can have on your health. EXi can also provide specific exercise programmes for 20 different long-term health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, cancer and hypertension (you can select multiple conditions if necessary). There is a library of information available for each medical condition, which includes disease specific exercise advice and precautions, and our programme is based on the latest medical guidelines for exercise prescription.